NEXCUE Imagination Leadership

When You are Uninspired, Flip Your Script

I often hear people say that they lost their inspiration to do some really cool things. I call this the creative black hole. This feeling does not happen overnight. In fact, most people do not see it coming because many times the perpetrator of their creative death is their own routine. And once that feeling envelops you, it can be hard to break its monstrous grip. When staring down that hole, instead of succumbing to desperation and fear, a person should ask, “What can I do to get my creative mojo back?”

Creativity will not flow from being a cog in the wheel of the day-to-day grind. You have to shift the orbit of your thought processes if you want the light of new ideas to rise. Consider what inspired you in the first place. It probably was not something you did every day like brushing your teeth. Maybe it was a mistake, eating a new food, or even a breakup. Bam! You were inspired to do something new.

Flip your script!

It is not just about changing the routine, it is about embracing those things that cause you to think differently about your world. This means that you have to mentally travel to another creative space.

Doing the same thing over and over is creative murder.

People who are resistant to change are really in love with being unimaginative. Their romance with the mundane has created this coziness with mediocrity, cloaked in their daily grind. It is very deceptive because everything appears normal. It is even harder when you are making money off your dull routine.
The habit of remaining the same kills your ability to exercise your imagination to the fullest. When you desire to do something different, it seems virtually impossible, because your own routine has paralyzed your creativity.

This is how you flip your script:

  1. Be dynamic like the wind – One of my mentors said to me, “Even a bad wind can change direction.” Change your approach by adopting a new way of things on purpose. For example, brush your teeth with your non-dominate hand. Take a different route on your way home. What I am saying is that you have to deliberately push yourself in a different mental direction.
  2. Kill your click syndrome – Hang around different people. And when you are with them, learn something new by asking a lot of questions about their life. Having experiences with a diversity of people is a petri dish for growing new ideas.
  3. Become a detective – Get in an investigative mode, grab a magnifying glass and search for things that are different than what you normally consume on TV, the internet, social media, etc. Read to shift your vision of the world from what you expect to what you have never seen. If you keep consuming the same stuff, you will think the same way.