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Empathy for the Quiet Quitter

Empathy for the Quiet Quitter

Initially, when I heard about the quiet quitting trend, I was aghast, and I clutched my pearls! If you are a manager or business owner, you would understand why I felt this way. While quitting is taboo to me, when I learned why some people do it quietly, I developed an empathetic spirit.

If you think quiet quitting is something that only lazy people do, you are wrong.

Yeah, there are some bonafide sloths in the workforce, but I am not talking about those folks. I am talking about the hustlers who break their own code and do just the bare minimum to past the time. Several experts believe the negative effects of the pandemic triggered this shift in mindset. In some cases, COVID-19 caused the perfect storm for burnout: it created a poor work-life balance for those who began working from home because there is no separation from the job and life at home.

I believe the pandemic only burned down our straw house in our current construct of social connection. We are falsely led to believe, by some, that the integration of work into our personal spaces is a benefit to our success. To be clear, I am not only referring to your geographic location—anybody can physically be at work and not be engaged. I am mainly addressing your mindset and how it is important to give it time to rest and recalibrate.

There must be a mental and physical separation from work. Many times, great ideas need time and space to gestate and often, we are energized and rejuvenated only after recreation and relaxation takes place.

Here are five questions to ask yourself to help you think about how to improve your work-life balance and recalibrate your mind:

  1. Do I have clear boundaries from home and work?
  2. When do I exclusively spend quality time with my family and/or friends?
  3. Am I intentional about meditating and relaxing?
  4. What is the ideal setting/situation for me to do my best work?
  5. Have I clearly defined my purpose for my life?

The biggest take-away is to remain self-aware. If you find yourself tempted to quietly quit, examine that line of demarcation between work and home to ensure it has not become blurred. Protect your mindset for a healthy life.

Take your cues from me and live a great life. NEXCUE!