Hi, I’m Steven Garner! I founded NEXCUE to help people achieve personal and professional excellence.

My NEXCUE imagination leadership formula helped me to radically transform my mindset; disrupt the cycle of multi-generational poverty; escape a crime-infested environment; and become an accomplished professional, coach, and keynote speaker.

As a professional speaker, I give coaching cues, training sessions, and keynote messages to a variety of audiences, including for-profit and non-profit companies, faith-based organizations, educational institutions, conferences, local jails, halfway houses, and state prisons.

What is NEXCUE Imagination Leadership?

My NEXCUE philosophy teaches that the world is a theater, your life is a stage, and you are a performance artist. Think of me as your stage director, giving you cues to help you deliver your best performance.

Why use NEXCUE?

I have made the painful process of overcoming personal and professional adversity an artform. My NEXCUE philosophy encourages you to use your imagination and leverage challenges as valuable elements in your drama to improve character.

How can NEXCUE help you?

I provide character transformation, leadership and self-empowerment coaching, keynote speaking, and training in three areas of your life that I call power scenes: private, public and professional.

Who uses NEXCUE?

What services does NEXCUE offer?